Top Butane Camp Stoves

The Best Butane Camping Stoves

We analyzed hundreds of reviews across the web and found the best camping stoves.

There’s something absolutely beautiful about the smell of campfire and camp cooking. It brings back memories of family, closeness, adventure. Sometimes just the similar smell of someone’s chimney can send me back into deep reveries, making me melt and relax into a sense of familiarity. Even better is the delicious scent of whatever’s for dinner meeting your nose as you return to your campsite from a fulfilling hike. With all that said, in order to make this simple pleasure into a reality, you need to have the proper portable stove. You don’t want to be dealing with a glitchy burner that half cooks your food or a burner that you constantly need to adjust.

Amazon is a good place to look for burners, since the number of reviews for products makes them more reliable and trustworthy. We’ve compiled a top-5 list of products that customers were most satisfied with. For a wildcard, however, we also found a good steal for a butane stove on a different website that we have included as well. Links to each product are beneath each summary. We’ve selected products with at least 30 customer reviews, and a satisfaction rate above 67% (percent of reviewers that gave the product a 5-star review). Also take note that these are all butane camp stoves. We hope this list helps!

1. Stove Butane Single (1)12,000 BtuButane Camping Stove

With 126 reviews, this butane stove fared well with a satisfaction rate of 87%. It costs a reasonable price of $32.80. Something customers were pleased about was the fact that it has a heat sink. Why is a heat sink important? With a heat sink and thermal safety shut off, this butane burner enables you to keep a pot cooking atop a table without the risks of fiery accidents. It also helps to keep your flame consistent and longer lasting. Another customer also enjoyed that this stove has enough output for wok-style cooking. A few customers used it as an alternative to their electric stove to cook things you can only prepare with gas-stove-cooking. Many were happy with its light weight, making it easy for packing.

On the downside, even those that were happy with the product mentioned that it does burn through butane canisters quickly. One person reported about 30 minutes of use for each can. Also, about 4 reviews mentioned that their product either broke or had an igniter that stopped working after little use.


2. Iwatani Portable
 Butane StoveIwani Butane Stove

This product had a satisfaction rate of 78% and is at a lowered price of $34.55, saving you $15.40. This product is unique in that its intended use is for restaurants but that adds to its quality. It has safety features, including a safety stop. Customers were happy with its output; it has a very strong durable flame in comparison to propane burners. It also is reported to burn through canisters at a slower rate than our first product, allowing approximately 40 minutes minimum with one canister. One customer liked the aluminum flap feature that keeps the canister from getting too cold and keeps the gas flow constant.

This product also comes with a case/cover that keeps your product from getting too dinged up. The refills for butane canisters that this product requires are very cheap in bulk. The flame is uniform (not uneven or lopsided) and adjustable. Various customers were happy with its 12,000 BTU. With this output you can definitely get your water to boil or make coffee. On the downside, the refill replacements can only be bought online, so take note to stock up with the purchase. Out of 98 reviews, only two customers reported their product being dead on arrival or not working.

3. Iwatani 35FW Portable 
Butane Stove Burner

This butane stove is yet another Iwatani product. It is on the more expensive side at $84.68, and also has a satisfactory rating of 78%.Butane Camping Stove It has a very hot output, and like our previous products in this list, features a heat sink. Its build is reportedly good with an aluminum body and stainless steel parts. Despite what is advertized on the outer packaging it is actually a 14,000 BTU stove. Iwatani insists on their brand of fuel but one customer used a Korean brand and said it worked just as well. One can lasts about 48 minutes. Customers were happy with its adjustability; it can be turned down to a very low flame.

Various customers also used this for wok-cooking. As for cons, it is very important to take note that this is not for indoor use. In the accompanying instruction booklet it warns against indoor use because of carbon monoxide poisoning dangers. One reviewer actually got a device to measure carbon monoxide levels and confirmed it is not safe using in the house and is good for well-ventilated areas only. Other negatives reported were that the magnetic canister holder could disengage if one is not careful. A few people out of 131 reviews reported overheating.


4. 1-Burner Butane Countertop
 Range1 Burner Butane Stove

The 1-Burner Butane stove has 35 reviews and a satisfaction rate of 91%, which is comparably high. It is lower on our list however because we prioritize products with Amazon reviews first. It is also very cost efficient, coming in at only $10.05 each. It has a BTU output of 8,000 and it is a decent size. It is 13 ¼ inches in length and 4 ⅜ inches in height. Multiple customers enjoyed the brass burner. Customers also received their products in good condition without damage.

The product comes with a thin plastic case, which helps when packing it for trips. One customer used hers for a cooking class and was happy about the butane shutoff in case of accident. Probably the best thing about this product is its affordability. There were no negative reviews.


5.  Etekcity E-gear Outdoor 
Camping StoveE-tek camping stove

This is a cool looking stove. This product had a satisfaction rating of 68% but it is also very affordable at $13.99. Customers were contented by the fast boiling-rate and also its compatibility with most single butane canisters, unlike some products that demand a specific fuel. The stove itself weighs about 14 oz with the case and it was reported to be not too top heavy. The stove is low sitting and many customers crafted small aluminum wind-blockers to shield the flames but this worked well and was an easy fix.

It is crafted out of stainless steel and is by result very water-resistant. Customers were happy about the stable base, which can support 12-inch sized pans. It features an electric spark ignition, which is helpful in harsh winds. It is also collapsible, a helpful feature for backpacking. On the downside, it might not be best for larger pans or pots since they might tip the burner. A handful of people also reported issues with the igniter, taking a few tries before it would work.

What’s your favorite camping stove? Let us know in the comments below.

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