The Best Camping Pillows

We summarized the top camping pillows on Amazon to save you time shopping.

We are somewhat ironic creatures when we go camping.  We want to get in touch with our primitive side, connect with nature, and “rough-it”.  But we can’t go without the modern comfort of pillows!  Why do that if you don’t have to?  It’s important to select a quality product though.  Bad pillows can lead to stiff necks in the morning and less-than-restful sleep, Pillows can also help you turn your camping space into a more relaxing experience.

Amazon has a large variety of pillowy companions to choose from (over 19 pages worth).  To make the search easier for you, we’ve compiled a top-5-list based on which products customers enjoyed most.  We selected products that had a minimum of 50 customer reviews and at least a 75% customer satisfaction rate (percentage of customers that gave it a 5-star review).

1. ONWEGO Inflatable Pillow

This product was well-liked by Amazon customers.   88% of people gave it a 5-star review and it is currently on sale for $21.99.Camping Pillow  It is inflatable, but customers liked this because of how it can easily be adjusted for the level of firmness or softness you want.  It has a foam interior to keep it from feeling too hollow, and features soft comfortable fabric.  One customer was pleased by the textured bottom, designed to keep the pillow from slipping around or out from under you while you sleep.  It is about the same size as a standard bed pillow, ergonomic, and almost weightless.  It is easy to clean.  One customer said it just felt too plastic-y.  But that was close to being the only negative review about the product. We’ve also never heard of this brand before.


2. Summit Outfitters Camping PillowSummit Camping Pillow

This camping pillow had an 85% satisfaction rate and is currently on sale for $19.97.  It might be a better buy than the first on our list simply because it’s cheaper and on the same playing field.  It’s also good to note there were no critical reviews.  The remaining 15% of reviewers gave it four stars.  With that said, we will go onward to the positive remarks.  It folds up into a small drawstring bag, making it easy to pack and easy to carry during travel.

Customers were pleased by the self-inflating feature.  It inflates about halfway and then requires just three or four more manual breaths for maximum firmness. It is lightweight, yet large enough for adults and also kids.  One customer mentioned that it has material on the interior so it doesn’t give you the feel that you’re resting on just nylon and air.  People seemed happy by the level of comfort.


3. Nemo FILLOTM Backpacking Pillownemo-camping-pillow

The Nemo camping pillow had a satisfaction rate of 80% and cost $39.95.  It is also inflatable like the products above.  One customer described velour top and memory foam fabric which keeps the pillow very comfortable.  And the 1-inch memory foam layer is actually removable.  It also comes with a woven shock cord to make it higher and firmer if needed.

Customers liked how it could compress to a very small size, being considerably smaller in overall size, but large enough to support your head.  One customer liked the built-in stuff sack, allowing you to add cushioning into the pillow yourself.  On the critical side, customers felt it did not compete well with other pillows when comparing comfort.  A few also did not like the light “cackling” sound you hear when adjusting your head or moving.


4. Therm-a-Rest Compressible PillowThermarest Camping Pillow

This is the top rated camping pillow on Amazon. With over 942 ratings, and 4.3 star rating, this pillow seems like an easy choice if you’re unsure of which one to choose. Many people were shocked at how small this pillow could be compressed to. It’s made out of memory foam, so it takes a little time to expand. If you’ve ever purchased a memory foam mattress you know what I’m talking about.

Some reviews posted photos of this pillow and how it handles the wash. Some people said it was washable, others…not so much.

5. YOUR Pillow! Hiking Pillow

This pillow had a 76% satisfaction rate and is currently $21.99.  It is brightly colored and most customers liked how cheery it looks.  It also stands out from amongst a crowd so it is not so easy to steal if used at a music festival.  This product features a lifetime warranty unlike other others.  It was Camping Pillowsaid that the outer cover is a printed vinyl and thus easy to clean.  It is durable and one customer said they could use it for the pool as it was fairly waterproof.

It self inflates half-way but it is also easy to manually inflate with just a few breaths.  There is a layer of foam on the inside and an indent in the middle for your head to rest.  On the downside, reports about comfort were highly mixed.  While one review mentioned an “amazing material” many others said it was too much of a plastic feel and would’ve appreciated a fabric cover.  Many reviews also said it had rather loud movement and didn’t adjust to heads as well as other products.  Lastly, the way it is sewn leaves the edges and corners somewhat “sharp” adding to discomfort.

But it looks pretty cool right?

Do you have any others we should add to the list? Leave us a comment below!

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