The best coffee pots when camping

The Best Coffee Pots when Camping

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If your idea of a perfect summertime involves camping at some serene or utterly remote part of town, there are a few things you’ll have to think about. I love summertime, and I love camping. But I just can’t picture a camping experience not shaped by some good coffee and cooking.

And if you are a coffee-oholic like me, then you are going to need some before any outdoor activity. Something about sipping on good coffee while chilling out with your family away from work and any form of distraction in sight just feels right. These are the times you tell engaging family stories, restore weak bonds and sleep. No better way than by taking coffee. With that idea in mind, we have sampled seven of the best coffee pots that will get you craving for another camping season to just go out and repeat the experience.

SterlingPro French Presssterling-pro-french-press

Any seasoned coffee user knows the worst experience when it comes to drinking coffee: having coffee grounds in your mouth. We don’t want that. When you sip, you want the coffee to flow and soothe, calm you down and make you feel good. That’s why we recommend the SterlingPro French Press.

Here’s the very first French press to ever use double Screens system. The motive for this improvement? To get rid of all grounds from the coffee and give you a wonderfully smooth cup of coffee. I have to warn you though, if you use this, you are never going to want to use a different pot. So you’ll have to stick to the brand. The only hitch with this pot is, it’s not suited for newbies. But for a seasoned user, look no further.

KONA French PressKona French Press

If you are seeking to get the best coffee, tea and espresso maker then the Kona French Press is the answer. It is made of superior quality borosilicate glass, which makes it resistant to thermal shock, just the best camping companion. The manufacturer has taken additional care and thoughtfully wrapped this large pot with a protective design which minimizes breakage.

That’s not all, the design also succeeds in bringing out an augmented beauty. This will absolutely liven up your kitchen after your camping days are over, as you await the next season. This coffee maker is versatile and if you are camping during summer, it can brew ice-cold coffee for you. Drawback? The cost. This model is just a little expensive.

SterlingPro Doublewall French PressSterling Doublewall

This french press is dope. It is designed for excellent functionality and is a beauty. The outside is sleek. It features a double wall construction that succeeds in keeping your coffee or tea warm for much longer. Its outside stays cool so you won’t worry about your loved ones getting scorched when they touch it at the campsite. Its added screen ensures the glass wall is touched more tightly and evenly, while the second screen filters the tiny coffee grounds passing through its primary screen. Whatever coffee is left in the pot continues to brew at the bottom and may get too strong, this is the only drawback.

Stansport Outdoor Coffee PotStansport Outdoor Coffee pot

This is a true camping coffee pot. Nights at the camping sites are often cold. And when you are camping during the cold seasons of the year, it won’t matter whether it’s night or day. You’ll need a loyal temperature boost. There’s nothing better at it than hot coffee. And there is no coffee pot more loyal as the Aluminum Camper-Feets. This product from Stansport is the best for getting your coffee truly hot, with its durable, rustproof, high gloss polished aluminum material. It has top and side handles making your coffee easy to pour spout. It heats quickly and is easy to clean. You must however be cautious with the wall, it can get a bit too hot to touch.

Granite Ware 3-Quart Coffee BoilerGranite Ware Coffee Boiler

There are just so many benefits that come with this coffee pot. Buy it from Amazon Warehouse Deals and you get up to 47 percent discount off its $18.95 list price. In addition, this camping essential is eligible for Amazon’s 30-day returns policy and prime or FREE Shipping. So if you have a camping season coming up, you could just be lucky to land this valuable pot at a much reduced cost.
With this pot however, you may not get your coffee so smooth. Being a boiler pot, it may leave you with a bit of grounds in your coffee.

GSI Outdoors Enamelware PercolatorGSI Percolator

Now, here’s a product that will get you a smooth coffee and a great drinking experience. It brings an old fashioned charm that boosts your convenience at the campsite with its sturdy material. The Outdoors Enamelware is built from heavy-gauge steel and has been kiln-hardened twice at the temperature of 1,400 degrees F to withstand every scratch or chipping. The 3-ply construction optimizes heat distribution for flush cooking. Its only problem is with the upright stem.

Coleman 12 Cup Percolator

This percolator makes coffee for you and your entire camping team. With its 12-Cup capacity, the Coleman Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator is an invaluable camping coffee tool. It is highly durable, resistant to corrosion, and is apt for heavy use. It comes with a replaceable clear-glass knob in its lid that lets you watch your coffee as it brews.

Coleman PercolatorIf you are a seasoned coffee fan, you know just how that can be an appetite stimulator. You can also be able to assess whether the coffee is already dark enough for you and your team’s liking. This Percolator features a large handle for stress-free pouring. It is also easy to disassemble if you want to clean it. Be careful however with the glass dome, it may crack when you remove the lid. This is a beautiful hardware that may lead to a loss if not carefully handled.

Wrapping up

If you are planning to go camping any time soon, this list will definitely point you to the right direction with regards to the kind of coffee pot you’ll need to carry along. Give any of them a try we hope you have an enjoyable camping experience!

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