The best lanterns when camping

The Best Camping Lanterns

We summarized the best lanterns on Amazon to save you time.

One of the many great reasons for camping is to find yourself surrounded by the great expanse of the starry sky, to escape the pollution of urban living, to have a campfire, cook, and to partake in the wonder of it all.

Many seasoned campers know the struggle of trying to find the outdoor lavatory with a lantern that’s busted and flickering, or worse, trying to use said bathroom in the dark without incurring any cringe-worthy experiences.  If you’re looking online for a high-quality lantern, you might notice that Amazon has over a hundred pages to peruse.

This may seem a little daunting.

Luckily for you, we have compiled a quick and easy list from those pages using customer reviews to give you the products that had the highest customer satisfaction.  We have listed only products that had at least one hundred reviews and an averaged satisfaction rate above 80% (that is the portion of customers that gave the product a 5-star review).  We hope you find this list helpful and time-saving. Let’s jump in!

1. Modern Utensils Camping LanternCamping Lantern

We considered this product to be best because it is the cheapest one to have such a high satisfaction rate of 92% (92% of reviewers gave it a 5-star rating). It’s only $19 dollars. Positive reviews reported that it gives off light at a 360 range; it has an adjustable cylinder to alter the amount and strength of light.

Customers were pleased with the amount of light it gave off for its considerably small size. It is a mere 5 inches tall, making it compact and easy to pack. The only negative complaint repeatedly reported was about how it does not include the AA batteries (don’t you hate that?). It is also good to note that it is not waterproof. Otherwise, it’s a decent product for the price.

2. Streamlight 44941 Siege AA Lantern

This is our second-favorite product and the most reviewed on our list with 1,003 reviews. It had a 91% satisfaction rate and currently Streamlight Camping Lanterncosts $25.98 on sale. One customer was pleased with the strong top and bottom “D” clips and the sturdy top handle. A nice feature is that the on/off button lights up and indicates remaining battery life.

The product is made of mostly thick rubber, which keeps it durable. Another positive is the 12-day-low mode as well as the option between 3 white-light modes and 2 red-light modes. The fact that it is waterproof is an especially appreciated feature. It provides 360 degree light coverage with a frosted housing to reduce glare. The comments on battery-life were mixed.

One person claimed that it should offer 30-295 hours of white LED light depending on mode, as well as 235-430 hours of red LED light. However, a few critical customers said that such output is only with special batteries and that they only got about 3 hours of light with multiple tests. Product also does not come with instructions. And lastly, the lifetime warranty does not cover the switch and electronic components.

3. Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern

This product came in with 220 reviews and an 86% satisfaction rate. It currently costs $12.47 on sale. Like our first contender, this product is equally small Ultra Bright LED Lanternat 5 ½ inches tall and surprised customers with the output of light (about 60 LM).

Customers were happy that the casing for the light is made of a tough plastic. The brightness is also adjustable via a sliding case. The lantern has hooks, allowing you to attach it to your tent or camping gear. It is waterproof as well as collapsible. On the negative side, multiple customers were a bit fussy about how it would not shut off all the way when they went to slide it closed. Many said they had to remove the batteries for it to actually turn off. But, that’s more of a minor pet peeve than a true product flaw.

4. 300 Lumens Ultra bright LED Lantern w/ Flashlight

With 138 reviews this product had an 85% satisfaction rate. It is currently on sale for $29.99. The thing that Hiking Lanterncustomers loved most about this lantern is that the LED has a pleasant amber tint. The light is warm and soft and not jarring like most other lights. It also has the pragmatic feature of doubling as a lantern and a flashlight. The lantern can be run for 25 hours while the flashlight can run for up to 500 hours. Customers liked the various, optional LED colors and felt the lantern was easy to use and straightforward.

The general housing of the lantern is clad in textured rubber, so it is not fragile. High mode has an output of 300 lumens while the low mode has an output of 50 lumens. Customers also enjoyed the convenience of having a hanging hook. There wasn’t much downside to the product. Some felt the bottom for the batteries was too difficult to manage or screw. Some felt the flashlight feature was too dim, but overall most felt it was appropriate for the simple tasks they needed it for.

5. Coleman Quad LED Lantern

Last on our list is the Coleman Quad Lantern with 851 reviews and a satisfaction rate of 83%. It is the most expensive on our list, at $45.72. Customers liked Coleman LED Lanternthat the light wasn’t too harsh, with diffusers over the LED lights. It has an interesting design where you can use it as a lantern, or you can take away one of the four panels to use as a separate flash light, so light can be divided into four spots.

These “break-away” lights will run 1.5 hours on internal rechargeable batteries. A reviewer said it lit up their campsite very well. However, many complained that the batteries were very difficult to install and once they had, some had issues where the compartment would pop open and loose the batteries. Some did not like that there is no variable light output options for the lantern and it uses up a lot of batteries. There is also no night light feature.

Have any specific lantern recommendations? Let us know in the comments below.

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