The best dog tents for camping

The Best Tents when Camping with Your Dog

We get it. You love camping, and you love your dog. Is there a way to include both these activities and still have fun? Specifically, what’s the ideal tent for you and your furry friend? It’s important that both you and your dog are well-rested and ready for a day of outdoor activity & hiking.

The point of this post is to help you pick the right tent, and to help you think about your needs (and your dog!).

Why should you trust us?

We’ve taken feedback from hundreds of customers (people who have actually purchased these products) and compiled it below for you. Our goal is to save you time, and help you find the right product.

Here’s our recommended picks below:

Normal: Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman Sundome tent is a great entry-level tent. It’s a light tent that’s relatively easy to setup. There’s also plenty of ventilation so you and the dog can breathe easily (even with the rain cover on). Our experts found that you could even setup chairs and sit comfortably inside.

Coleman Sundome Tent


While it’s technically a four-person tent, you should not expect 4 people (and a dog) to fit inside. This would be a good size for you and your dog (maybe another person), but that’s it. Depending on the size of your dog, mileage will vary.

This tent is great for first-time campers & their dogs. It’s also reasonably priced at under $100. Some of our reviewers mentioned that this wasn’t the greatest tent in the rain, but we recommend seam sealer to help with that. It’s also a bit too heavy for distance hiking.

Luxury: The ABO Dog Haus

If you want to treat your dog with style, consider the ABO Dog Haus. Yes, your dog will have it’s own tent when camping. Other campers may give you strange looks, but who cares?



This tent is surprisingly large – reviewers were able to fit an 85 pound dog inside, so this will work for many dog owners, especially those who don’t want to cuddle with their lovable canines at night.

As you can see from the photo above, there’s also plenty of ventilation for your pooch.

Budget Friendly: Alcott Explorer

If you like the idea of giving the dog their own tent, but don’t want to spend over $60, check out the Alcott Explorer Pup Tent. A bit under $40, this budget friendly tent is rated very highly by reviewers. It’s quick to setup and can fit a large dog. Some mentioned that they thought the material was a bit cheap, but that’s why we picked it as a low-end product.



The Vestibule?

If you’re not ready to purchase a dog tent for camping yet, you could have the dog sleep in the covered vestibule (assuming you have one). The only problem with this approach is that your dog must be well-trained. It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re camping in a remote area, there’s always the danger of wild animals (in particular skunks).

Finding the Perfect Dog Tent

If you didn’t like any of the tents mentioned above, we created a simple decision framework for evaluating a tent for your dog. You can also read this Reddit thread for further guidance.

1. Proper Ventilation

Make sure the tent has proper ventilation. The last thing you want to do is smell your dog’s breath all night long (as least I wouldn’t).

2. Easy to Clean

I like to keep my tent clean from dog hair. I’m a bit of a neat freak, but I highly recommend confirming that the tent can be easily cleaned. If you don’t clean your tent, and roll it up, it may get musty/moldy.

3. Thick Floor Material

Lastly, make sure the floor of the tent is rugged enough for dog paws. You don’t want their claws to poke holes.

Do you have any tent recommendations for dogs? Let us know in the comments below.

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